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We use multiple brands for all of our items depending on what is available and in stock. These are approximate sizes. If you need extra measurements please reach out to me and I will be happy to measure for you.

Unisex short Sleeve.jpg
Puff Short Sleeve.jpg
Ruffle Short Sleeve.jpg
Puff sleeve Onesie.jpg
Monag ROmper short Sleeve copy.jpg
LTC Onesie.jpg
Puff Long Sleeve Onesie.jpg
Unisex Long Sleeve.jpg
Puff Long Sleeve.jpg
Ruffle Short Sleeve Dress.jpg
Ruffle Long Sleeve Dress.jpg
Angel Sleeve Bubble.jpg
Angel Sleeve Romper.jpg
Girl Romper.jpg
Long Romper.jpg
Boy Sunsuit.jpg
Boy Bubble.jpg
Ruffle Neck Bubble.jpg
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