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Brand Representatives

Hi there! We are so excited you are interested in being a rep! We are always in search for brand representatives for our shop! If you are someone that loves our brand and are great with pictures and social media, this would be perfect for you! We accept applicants, ages newborn to 10 years old. Below are the details and expectations of being a TOH rep. 

Contract Term:

Contract is for 6 months.

What do I need to be a brand rep?

  • You must have an active Instagram and/or Facebook account. If your account is private, you will have to add us as we will not be able to see your posts, tags or hashtags.

  • Promote, Like, comment and share our items, posts on social media, giveaways, etc. from our Facebook or IG. Posting in our Facebook Group at least once a week is a requirement. This helps me focus on production while our group stays active. It also helps promote TOH. Posts can be anything from a picture at the library wearing TOH to a top 5 summer favorites, etc. These are just two examples but there are so many different posts that can be made. 

  • Able to provide high resolution photos wearing items made by TOH.  Natural, outdoor lightingpreferably in the shade, or on an overcast day is best.  Blurry, out of focus, or underexposed photos are very difficult to correct, so it is not preferred. Please do not apply any filters on pictures.  Harsh shadows (i.e. direct sunlight) or overexposed photos are also very difficult to work with and are not the best representation of our products, and is also not preferred. Square crop (1:1) is preferred. If your camera doesn't have such a feature, I can accomplish this during editing, but enough space around the subject should be allowed for cropping.  Refrain from any cluttered backgrounds, especially other people. Keep the images "bright, vibrant and airy"

  • You must be able to send us photographs within 10 days of receiving your item(s). Please, set up a reminder on your calendar and/or digital assistant, as the pictures will be used for a scheduled event. If you are running behind on schedule, please just message me and let me know - I will send a reminder, just reply with an ETA when you might have images ready. If I do not receive a reply and an ETA, an invoice for any additional items sent plus any discounts taken will be created and sent. 

  • You are required to make at least one monthly purchase. Your additional item(s) will be sent along with your purchased item. Pictures should be taken wearing each item received, including any additional items sent. 

What are the perks?

  • Brand reps are given a special discount of 25% off regular priced items. 

  • Brand reps are also given a unique discount code to share on social media, and with friends and family.

  • For every 10 times your unique discount code is used you will receive a $10 certificate to use in our shop. 

  • You receive at least one additional item per month along with your monthly purchase. Please be aware, these items are not free but are in exchange for promotion and pictures of our items being modeled. 

To apply, please email us and let us know that you agree to all of the terms above, send us 3-4 sample pictures (preferably in TOH gear, but not necessary) and tell us about your kiddo! We love to send items that have themes and/or characters they like, so include any thing that might pertain! Pictures should represent your photographic abilities and all photo suggestions included above.  If there is any reason the above terms cannot be met, the contract shall be null and void.  We understand sometimes life can get in the way and deadlines may not always be manageable, please keep the communication flowing and I'm sure we can come to a reasonable solution to any issues that might arise during your contracted time.

Email: with the subject "Brand Rep".

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